Elkar is a vitamin preparation that is actively involved in metabolism, has a lipolytic effect, and also normalizes the secretion of the stomach.

The main active component of the solution is Elkar levarnitin is a natural organic compound, which is related to the chemical structure of vitamins of group B. It affects cell metabolism by facilitating the transfer of certain fatty acids to mitochondria, where they undergo oxidation with energy release.

Due to the improvement of metabolic processes in cells, the drug has several positive therapeutic effects.

Clinico-pharmacological group

A drug that improves metabolism and energy supply of tissues.

Terms of sale from pharmacies

Can be bought without a doctor's prescription.


How much is Elkar in pharmacies? The average price is at the level of 370 rubles.

Composition and release form

Elkar solution as a main active ingredient includes compound left carnitine (carnifit). Its content in 1 ml of solution is 300 mg. Also included in the preparation are auxiliary components, which include:

  • Propyl parahydroxybenzoate.
  • Methyl parahydroxybenzoate.
  • Citric acid monohydrate.
  • Purified water.

The solution is in a 50 ml vial. The carton pack contains one bottle with a solution for oral administration and annotation.

Pharmacological effect

The composition of Elkar includes levarnitin (carnifit, L-carnitine) - a natural substance that is related to the B vitamins. It is contained in the body of a healthy child and takes part in the process of splitting proteins, fats and carbohydrates that come with food. Their chemical "destruction" leads to the release of a sufficient amount of energy that is spent on the needs of the brain, muscles and other internal organs.

The main biological functions of L-carnitine include:

  • normalization of metabolism in the body;
  • increased digestion enzymes;
  • activation of the breakdown of fats with the release of 38.9 kJ of energy per gram of substance;
  • increasing the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) - a universal source of energy for all biochemical processes in the human body;
  • stimulation of protein and carbohydrate metabolism.

Another function of the drug is it.contributes to the normalization of body weight: overweight children in a short time become slim, and thin people quickly gain a few kilograms. Children with normal metabolism better adapt to physical and mental stress, tolerate stress more easily: left carnitine increases the saturability of brain tissue with oxygen, improves the ability to memorize and concentrate. Additional energy helps kids cope with serious illnesses and recover faster from them.

But there are cases when the production of its own leftcarnitine is disturbed. The fact is that for the synthesis of substances in the liver and kidneys requires a sufficient content:

  • vitamins B3, B6, B9, B12, C;
  • gland;
  • amino acids methionine and lysine;
  • enzymes that control the rate of chemical reaction.

Lack of any of these elements leads to a decrease in the content of L-carnitine in the body. Self-generated energy is not enough for the baby, and it is urgently necessary to receive it from the outside. Then Elkar comes to the rescue, who compensates for the lack of carnifit and starts the processes of energy exchange.

Indications for use

According to the annotation to the drug, Elkar is recommended:

  • for the treatment of diseases of the pancreas and liver, digestive disorders, dermatological diseases, hyperthyroidism (mild);
  • in conditions involving carnitine deficiency in the body;
  • in conditions provoked by increased psycho-emotional and physical exertion;
  • with increased fatigue and decreased performance (in particular, in the elderly);
  • in the rehabilitation period after surgery, injuries and previous somatic diseases;
  • patients suffering from anorexia nervosa syndrome.

The drug is used to treat brain lesions, accompanied by neurological symptoms.

Elkar is prescribed for a deficiency of vitamin growth, which is caused by diseases associated with impaired metabolism in muscle tissue, mitochondrial diseases or myocardial diseases, accompanied by electrical or mechanical heart dysfunction.

Patients with heart disease taking the drug can increase tolerance to physical exertion. In elderly patients, Elkar slows down the aging process of the brain, improves concentration and higher mental functions.

Also, the drug can be recommended for people on a vegetarian diet, patients with reduced appetite and physical exhaustion.

L-carnitine is also shown to athletes to increase endurance and efficiency during training, increase strength and speed, improve coordination of movements, for the reduction of adipose tissue and more quickly build muscle.

In addition, in sports medicine, the drug is prescribed to prevent and reduce the severity of symptoms of post-training syndrome, as well as to accelerate the regeneration of injured muscles.

The drug can also be prescribed to children born earlier than the prescribed period, as well as children during the period of active growth. Against the background of treatment, the child's appetite improves, body weight returns to normal, and skeletal muscle development returns to normal.

In acute hypoxic conditions (for example, in ischemic stroke, acute brain hypoxia, or transient ischemic attack); acute, subacute and rehabilitation period of circulatory disorders in the brain; AED, brain lesions of various origins, after surgical interventions; hemodialysis patients with a deficiency of left carnitine in their bodies; with ischemic disease, hypoperfusion caused by cardiogenic shock, and other pathological processes in the myocardium, Elkar IV may be prescribed.


Contraindications to the appointment of Elkar are hypersensitivity and intolerance to the components of the drug, elevated levels of carnitine in the body, severe diseases of the digestive system.

With caution, the drug is prescribed during pregnancy and breastfeeding, in children under 3 years.

Dosage and method of use

As indicated in the instructions for use Elkar taken orally for 30 minutes before eating, further diluting with liquid.

For children the drug is prescribed as an additive to sweet dishes (kissel, compote, juices).

  1. Children under the age of 3 years set the dosage individually. Children from 3 to 6 years old - in a single dose of 100 mg (5 drops) 2-3 times / day, daily dose - 200-300 mg (11-16 drops). The course of treatment is 1 month. Children aged 6 to 12 years are prescribed in a single dose of 200-300 mg (11-16 drops) 2-3 times / day, daily dose - 400-900 mg (22-48 drops). The course of treatment is at least 1 month.
  2. When growth is delayed - 250 mg (13 drops) 2-3 times / day. The course of treatment is 20 days. The course of treatment is repeated after a 1-2 month break or is prescribed for 3 months without a break.

Adult Dosages somewhat different:

  1. Adults with prolonged physical and psychoemotional loads are prescribed in a dose of 750 mg (1/2 measuring spoon or 2.5 ml) 3 times / day to 2.25 g (1.5 measuring spoon or 7.5 ml) 2-3 times / day.
  2. In anorexia nervosa, as well as during the rehabilitation period after illness and surgical interventions and injuries - 1.5 g (1 scoop or 5 ml) 2 times / day. The course of treatment is within 1-2 months.
  3. In the complex therapy of chronic gastritis and chronic pancreatitis with reduced secretory function, the drug is prescribed in 375 mg (1/4 scoop or 1.25 ml) 2 times / day. The course of treatment is within 1-1.5 months.
  4. For the treatment of skin diseases - 750 mg (1/2 measuring spoon or 2.5 ml). The course of treatment is within 2-4 weeks.
  5. In mild hyperthyroidism, the drug is prescribed in 250 mg (13 drops) 2-3 times / day. The course of treatment is 20 days. The course of treatment is repeated after a 1-2 month break or is used for 3 months without a break.
  6. With brain lesions of vascular, toxic and traumatic genesis, 750 mg each (1/2 spoon or 2.5 ml) per day. The course of treatment is within 3-5 days. If necessary, after 12-14 days appoint a second course.
  7. For diseases accompanied by a lack of carnitine (primary and secondary carnitine deficiency), the drug is prescribed in a dose of up to 50-100 mg / kg (2-5 drops / kg) of body weight. The multiplicity of reception - 2-3 times / day. The course of treatment is within 3-4 months.

Adults in sports medicine and with intensive training appoint 2.5 g 1-3 times / day (daily dose 2.5-7.5 g); in the case of use for therapeutic purposes - 70-100 mg / kg / day (5-7.5 g / day). Reception courses: 3-4 weeks in the pre-competition period, during the training process - up to 6-8 weeks.

Adverse reactions

In general, the solution for oral administration (inside) of Elkar is well tolerated. Sometimes, against the background of its reception, several negative reactions may develop, which include:

  1. Pain in the stomach (gastralgia).
  2. Dyspeptic symptoms in the form of nausea, unstable stool, abdominal distention.
  3. The appearance of pain in the muscles (myasthenia), which can occur in patients with a concomitant increase in the concentration of urea (uremia).
  4. Allergic reactions - a rash on the skin, accompanied by itching, urticaria, resembling a nettle burn, angioedema;

With the development of negative pathological reactions after the start of taking Elkar solution, you should contact a medical specialist who will determine the possibility and feasibility of its further use.

Symptoms of overdose

With the right dosage of the drug, there is no risk of overdose. If a child accidentally drank a large amount of the drug, it should vomit as soon as possible by pressing on the root of the tongue. After that, the introduction of enterosorbents and the provision of medical care in the hospital.

Special instructions

Treatment of children under the age of 3 years should be carried out under the supervision of a physician.

The drug does not affect the performance of potentially hazardous activities that require special attention and speed of psychomotor reactions (driving and other vehicles, working with moving mechanisms, the work of the dispatcher and operator, etc.)

Compatibility with other drugs

With the simultaneous use of GCS contribute to the accumulation of carnitine in tissues (except the liver), anabolic agents enhance the effect of the drug.

Patient Reviews

We offer to read the reviews of people who used Elkar:

  1. Snezhana. Elkar took on fatigue, was so depressed that she could not do anything, got up to work in the morning and was already tired. Did not understand what is happening with me. They advised to drink larnitine. I chose for myself Elkar, because it is a drug, not a dietary supplement. I feel quite well, I have strength for everything - both for work and for family and for rest.
  2. Helena. Appointed senior to 4 years, and then drank a course every year, and the youngest in 8 months. In both cases, with poor weight gain and general body strengthening. The effect on the elder was, but insignificant, the younger had a noticeable increase in the next month after taking it. Of the side effects - there was nothing.
  3. Kseniya. A month ago, I had a lot of flu, I lost weight, I need to go to work, but I have no strength. I started taking Elkar, began to feel much better, had an appetite, and directly took heart, of course, did not immediately notice, after the first week of administration, I noticed an improvement, and by the end of the course (1 month) I felt just fine. No bruises under eyes and fatigue. As if there was no disease.

Reviews of Elcar for weight loss indicate that the drug really helps keep weight normal. It helps to reduce body weight due to the normalization of protein and fat metabolism.

However, almost everyone who tried to lose weight with this tool, note that the best effect can be achieved by supplementing the intake of drops with regular active workouts and a balanced diet.


Structural analogues of the active substance:

  • Carnitene;
  • Carnith.

Before buying an analogue, consult your doctor.

Shelf life and storage conditions

Store in a dark place and out of reach of children at a temperature not exceeding + 25 ° C. After opening the bottle with the solution stored in the refrigerator for no more than 2 months.

Shelf life - 3 years.

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