Chronic sinusitis - symptoms and treatment in adults

Chronic sinusitis in the modern world is becoming more and more common. A distinctive feature of this form of the disease is that the inflammatory process develops and lasts for more than two months. In itself, sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses located in the thickness of the wing of the upper jaw. Chronic sinusitis symptoms and treatment of which we consider may develop from the acute form of the disease, if therapy was not given enough attention.

What to do when the nose is stuffed and there is no snot?

Few people know, but it is the nose that takes care of the entire body. First of all, oxygen enters through the nose, without which it is simply impossible to survive. The nose in every possible way protects the inhaled air and prevents overcooling of other organs. The nose protects the lungs from dust and other harmful impurities, including from pathogens.

Ischemic cerebral stroke

Ischemic stroke is a brain infarction, it develops with a significant decrease in cerebral blood flow. Among the diseases leading to the development of cerebral infarction, the first place is occupied by atherosclerosis, affecting the great brain vessels in the neck or intracranial vessels, or both.

Anemia - Symptoms and Treatment

Anemia is a decrease in the blood count of red blood cells — red blood cells below 4.0x109 / l, or a decrease in hemoglobin levels below 130 g / l in men and below 120 g / l in women. Anemia during pregnancy is characterized by a decrease in hemoglobin below 110 g / l. This is not an independent disease, anemia occurs as a syndrome in a number of diseases and leads to disruption in the supply of oxygen to all organs and tissues of the body, which, in turn, provokes the development of many other diseases and pathological conditions.